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AreLOCATED IN THE NICKELODEON MALL, AT 431 BEAVER ST., SEWICKLEY, PA 412-741-1133t & Antiques - art magazines - antiques - art and antiques
A flat studio rate for the day which covers:
  • An unlimited supply of paint colors
  • Use of all tools and supplies
  • Clear glazing
  • Firing
  • One on one assistance, from our friendly and courteous and experienced staff members.

You may paint as many pieces as you like during your visit.  We do not charge by the hour and you are welcome to stay as long as you like during our studio hours.

If you don't have enough time to complete your piece, leave it with us and finish it during your next visit.   An additional studio charge will not apply, unless you start a new piece.

ADULTS:   $7.00 studio fee plus the price of the bisque

BISQUE:   Prices start at $4.00 per piece

Ask about our "Frequent Firer Card" for even more discounts!!

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The Clay Cafe' will now  offer special evening events Please click the word calendar above.

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Like the Pizza Man we deliver. Let us bring the party to you!  Call us for party information.

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